Sunday, July 15, 2012

Art journal #157: TEMA HIMA: the Art of Living in Tohoku at 21-21 Design Insights

Very emotional show spotlighting the earthquake-affected area of Tohoku. It is about slow living, how tradition lives on (and might be lost after the earthquake), and the beauty of handicraft from making confectionery to knives to textile. The videos showing the meticulous details and laborious processes artisans go through to make things were mesmerising - give total new appreciation to everyday objects. The show ends with a corridor lined with photos of hands, all nameless, but attributed to the objects these hands make. Each hand has its own scars, and the marks of time and dedication to history and tradition. On exit, visitors were allowed to buy wooden apple boxes (now stacked up in the atrium of the museum) hand-made in the region. Was so excited that I immediately bought one, so I will be taking one home after the show ends. I am looking forward to receiving mine in HK and taking a piece of Tohoku tradition with me!!

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