Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Art journal #148: Lee Bul "From Me, Belongs to You Only" at Mori Art Museum

Didnt really know Lee Bul's body of work, only seen the metallic architectural inspired sculptures before. With little expectation, I was pleasantly surprised, its a good show in chronological fashion starting with her body suits used in early stage performances, to pinned up dead fishes at MOMA, to Cyborgs/Anagrams (which I love!) and later the series of mirror-infinity objects.

The Cyborg works evoke an immediate image of futuristic perfection, but are all headless and has only one arm and one leg. This reminds of Venus de Milo, but instead of standing on a platform it is hanged from the ceiling again showing the gap between ideal and reality.

The recreation of the artist studio (esp the 50 models of her dog in various materials that she made) helped build up to the work in the last work which is also an emotion climax, "The Secret Sharer" - a dog made of mirrors and which is vomiting crystals. What dreams and inner emotions is it trying to share with us?

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